About Us

Over 35 years of history spent on the top of manufacturing top quality modern furniture make Bujoto a brand positioned as a reference point worthy comparing to in planning, technology and production of a quality product.

The quality is affirmed by the many Awards, the newest of which is the 2015 “Best Buy Award”, an award for the best relation between quality and price, given to us by the Swiss institute “Icertias”, after a research study and direct contact with the Macedonian consumers. This medal is proudly displayed by some of the world’s biggest brands like: Bosch, Zepter, Ariston, Beko etc.

Perfect furniture for smart clients, able to appreciate our system’s flexibility which allows creation of totally personalized furniture for the client.

The brand’s power comes from the fact that we never limit ourselves to answering to the market’s demands. Instead, we are devoted to waiting, researching, creativity and progress. The owners of the prettiest homes in Macedonia have chosen our furniture to enrich their homes for years to come. Furniture designed to last, manufactured with obsessive attention payed to technical and construction details with the help of most modern technology and experience acquired through over 20.000 designed, planned, manufactured and installed projects.


In the manufacturing special attention is payed to the quality and origin of the materials, quality of the hardware, the high finish quality and uniqueness of the decorative hardware.




With total dimensional flexibility of the elements for populating large or small spaces, and absolute precision of manufacture of our furniture is more personalized for every individual, then standard for everyone.




The undisputable quality, tireless evolution of the product, the constant following of these goals and consistency in their maintaining and achieving give us an absolute upside: Credibility, a key factor, especially in these troubled times.